Gathering the ancient and the sacred. Gathering knowledge. Gathering wisdom. Gathering energy. love. truth.

A space to come home to your heart.


I started my business when I realized how much we need connection in this modern world. I was so lonely as a stay-at-home mom and really craved a community. As I prayed to know what I should do in this life, I was hit one day with this huge overwhelming knowing that I need to Gather. To gather women. To gather things that I love. Gather as much knowledge and wisdom and to teach women how to love themselves. Each of us has a unique truth. It cannot be the same as any one else’s and we need to find and connect to it. I realized that my story to finding that truth could help others and that my gifts as a healer

and teacher needed to be used. I started hosting workshops on self worth and hosting full moon gatherings. My soul felt alive and a deep sense of fulfillment as I created sacred spaces for transformation. When you come to a gathering it’s consciousness meets boho meets Mother Earth meets REALNESS. Seeing women’s lives transform because I decided to follow through with my inner knowing has been so humbling and beautiful.

This is about radical authenticity. In a world of so much perfection, my message speaks to the beauty of imperfection and realness. I’m not here to fix your problems, make you more money or change your life. I’m here to teach you to do that for yourself. To put the power back in your own hands. And if you end up being happier, richer and more real then that is amazing. I am constantly connecting to the Divine to make sure I’m being a vessel for what’s needed. I thrive in beautiful environments. When I treat myself like the Goddess that I am, I feel more clear and powerful. I want to work with you too. Let's do this.


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