remote oracle readings


tap into your power, receive the guidance, and clarity you seek with an oracle reading

using my intuitive energy and interpretive abilities, as well as the divine energy of the cards, we discover healing information, wisdom, answers, and support.

no two readers will ever read the same. i have been reading cards for friends, family, and clients for many years with consistent success and accuracy. oracle cards contain ancient knowledge and when interpreted correctly have divine consulting power.

during a reading i will use my intuition to tap into my own guides and energy as well as yours, receiving source information and insights that will help you to reconnect your mind, body, and spirit, and walk in alignment with your true self.

my readings are versatile and can be be catered to whatever topics, questions, or guidance that you seek. i ensure that my oracle clients will be able to consult whatever it is they desire, whether it is specific or not, and together we will find clarity, and revelations on your path to personal wellness and spirituality.