“Within the first three minutes of my session with Jill, she had me deep within the womb of my mother loving on my infant self and releasing the shame that I’ve been carrying around for so long. Tears were flowing. Being held and witnessed in such a loving powerful way provided a huge shift for me.
— Andrea Franklin @femininerisingkc

I let your body speak to me

Your pain. Your stories. Your TRUTHS.



In our session together, we open by breathing and centering. Connecting our energies so that as much clarity can come through as possible. I ask that your Divine self connects to my Divine self. I ask if you have any questions you've prepared for me. Are you struggling in a relationship? Looking for your soul work? Desiring love? Wanting to quit a job? Curious about your next adventure? We get clear and dive into it. This is NOT your typical psychic session, where I will tell you your future. As your energy opens, my clairvoyance reads the immediate desires of your soul. Your body has truth and with my presence it begins speaking to me. Our body holds so much of our past. Our childhood wounds, our stories, our traumas. In order to gain clarity and make room for your desires, we have to clear out the old energy. Your energy will tell me where it needs nurtured and healed because it wants freedom. With that healing comes clarity. We get to the heart of your questions while working with the presence of your soul. We make room for your soul to shine and bring out it's desires for you with the situation you have questions about. I massage areas that have stale energy. I open chakras that long ago closed. I let your unique truth come through. in a world that is busy and spinning, this is a chance to find your center again. Refuel your energy and begin to see what your heart and soul are longing for.


Soul to soul presence

What to expect in a session

  • Clarity and guidance

  • Clearing old stories

  • Healing wounds

  • Intuitive touch and nurturing

  • Energy shifts

  • Feeling lighter, grounded and more clear


Remote Phone Sessions

$115 for 30 minutes

$200 for 60 minutes

In Person Sessions

$225 for 60 minutes

For residents and visitors of Kauai


Throughout the session I will use many of my favorite tools to help your mind, body and soul heal. From crystals and stones to oracle cards and palo santo. Bringing together the ancient and sacred, your guides and your truths, we make room for what you is ready to come forth.


Crystals and stones

Earth's grounding and energetic properties are brought into the session with stones and crystals allowing energy to be moved and transformed.

IMG_3637 copy.jpg

Cleansing tools

A beautiful ancient sacred way of clearing the aura field and space to create clean and pure energy.

Oracle Cards

Your guides are here to talk to you. Oracle cards are a great guidance system for what message you are needing at this time.

Energy movement

Through conscious touch (in person or energetically over the phone) we remove and transmute energy that is no longer serving you.

What Clients are saying...


deep. relaxed. released. connected.

“Within the first three minutes of my session with Jill, she had me deep within the womb of my mother loving on my infant self and releasing the shame that I’ve been carrying around for so long. Tears were flowing. Being held and witnessed in such a loving powerful way provided a huge shift for me. She knew exactly what I needed at the time, the words and her tone, as well as how to facilitate this process. She also provided several messages to me around things I have been working on and starting to use in my healing process, which affirmed I’m where I need to be. Sometimes its easy, even as a healer, to want to speed up the processes we are in to get through the muck and to the ‘aha’ moments. I appreciate having someone to taking me where I cannot take myself. She’s an amazing mirror and gentle but powerful guide, which is precisely what we needed right now! I look forward to working with her again!
— Andrea Franklin @femininerisingkc
Within only a few minute I was deeply relaxed and it felt seamless to connect to her. When Jill would touch on a certain point I would immediately feel an energy, and in some cases a release of tension in that said part of my body. I sobbed tears of joy that felt like they came out of nowhere. I truly feel this was the most connected any intuitive has been to me. I could feel and see the connection like a series of veins or roots connecting us. When the time was over I felt open and like I wanted another 12 hours of her time. I can’t wait for another juicy session.”
— Nicholas Kovic
Without knowing much about me, I felt so deeply that Jill understood me. She was so easy to open up to and connect with. She made the environment was so warm, welcoming, cozy and a safe place to just be. Jill opened my heart and started the release of what was no longer serving me. The love and support you feel while you’re being guided through the session is incredible, she hit the nail on the head so to speak. During the session she used essential oils, stones and crystals to help assist in her healing powers. She left me with exercises to work on to become more open and honest with myself until the next time, I can’t wait to go back.
— Shalyn Stankiewicz
I’ve had two sessions with Jill and they were both amazing. She instantly makes you feel calm, like you are talking with an old friend. It’s amazing how she can tap right into your energy and notice things you might not have even been thinking about at that time. As she guides you through her healing process you can feel her energy as if she’s in the room with you. During our session, I could feel the tension in my body being released and had vivid images helping me along the way. When our session was done I felt very calm and centered, but also that I could have talked with Jill for the entire night. I can’t wait to book again!
— Ashleigh