I N T U I T I V E :



Have you ever noticed you’re intuitive? That sometimes you can guess what people are feeling, you have a sense for what they are trying to say and can practically speak for another person? Maybe you sense a traumatic experience but they’ve never told you…you just know? Have you seen spirits? Detect energy in certain spaces? See color or feel strange sensations? Are you curious how to develop these “senses” and use them in your life and business?

Many people are discovering they might feel and understand more than the eye can see, and they want help developing their gift!

Being overwhelmed by large crowds is oftentimes a sign you are sensitive. Do you get tired easily in large group situations? Do you tend to take on the feelings of those around you? Do you leave work with a headache, confusion or over processing something that happened? Deep empathy can be a sign that you’re gifted with other intuitive skills.

Learn to control your energy, keep yourself clear and harness your inner voice to guide and help you lead a life that excites you!

Your intuition and energetic awareness are a fantastic tool to not only help heal the world, but to help you (and your clients) find the clearest path to happiness, joy and success!


INTUITIVE is a guidance program to help those who are interested in becoming more familiar with their intuitive, natural gifts. We will cover what your sensitivities are, how to harness them, how to use them with others and what they mean!

We will cover topics like how to channel energy, how to know if you’re getting the right answers, the importance of opening and closing your energy field, how to set up a session/client call, how to be connected to your own energy field and the answers you receive and most importantly how to TRUST your intuitive gift. Being a sacred space of healing for others takes practice, awareness and diligence.

Are you interested in reading people’s energy? Curious how to use the feelings you are “sensing” from another to help them succeed, heal or get what they desires? INTUITIVE is a group coaching program to provide the space for learning, practicing and growth. Together, with other soul inspired women, you will learn to channel your gifts.

We will meet every 2 weeks for 3 months for a total of 12 sessions. We will be doing hands-on practices, meditations, skill development and trust exercises to deepen your already present gift. There will be 6 modules to cover, each focused and centered around specific topics.


INTUITIVE will have a private Facebook group for the participants to meet like-minded people who are developing their intuition. We will have opportunities to partner and try out techniques. Having accountability will help with rapid growth and development. We will meet live on Facebook for discussion and group connection.

Guest teachers will include: Whitney Bean, Janette Casolary and Blaire Porter throughout our 12 weeks together. They will cover a variety of topics like how to use intuition in a business like photography, how to channel spirits from other realms, and what important lessons they’ve learned in being an energy worker.

We will meet over an app called Zoom. Each session will be recorded so if you can’t attend LIVE, you can still catch all the content (and even rewatch it!)

Class will start: Sunday, March 31st, 2019.

I N T U I T I V E is $450 ($150 per month).

Class will start at 1pm HST (3pm PST, 5pm CST, 6pm EST).

Class dates are as follows:

March 31st—Module 1: What is intuition?

April 14th—Module 2: Building Trust

April 20th *please note this is a SATURDAY due to a holiday- Guest teacher—Whitney Bean

April 28th—Module 3: Practice Your Intuitive Gifts

May 5th—Guest Teacher—Blaire Porter

May 12th—Module 4: How to use your gifts in business/life

May 19th- Guest Teacher— Janette Casolary

May 26th- Module 5: Business Strategies

June 9th—Module 6: Questions/Answers

*If you have any conflicts with these dates, remember that the classes are recorded.