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IT'S A Safe space for women to heal.


It's ancient and sacred.
It's modern and playful.




to know with a surety who you are- What you like, what you want and what your body is saying to you in every moment. I want you to hear your souls plea for what it loves. To create boundaries with yourself and others. I want kind thoughts to pass through your energy field. I do this because YOU ARE WORHTY and have a unique expression in this world. You are a Goddess and the power within you is there to be awakened. You can walk in your truth and light confidently and unapologetically!





When you walk into a gathering, you see an ecletic Goddess's dream. A curated space for women from all walks of life, from mothers to entrepreneurs to artists, coming together to learn, heal and be transformed. You will hear stories of triumph and success. You will learn tools that will deeply immerse you into your presence and worth. Your self-journeying will expand and grow into a real life practice from the information you receive and practice while at the workshop.

I will teach you how to deeply connect to your Divine self. To work from your heart and soul. To know how your feelings ARE you guidance system. And to actually experience it while being held in sacred space. 

All of your senses will be evoked. From intuitive essential oil lessons to visual aids and affirmations. The conscious and subconscious will be penetrated and expanded. A gathering is sacred, transformational work. It's for you, if you're ready to connect in person, gain your power back and know your Divine worth.


Powerful. Radiant. Connected.


Workshops and Gatherings


You Are Worthy

The Workshop

Full Moon Gathering


Worthy: The workshop


Sacred space





visual tools






At WORTHY: The Workshop we gather together to get clear on your SELF WORTH.

What is self-worth? It's the way you value and look at yourself. It's the messages you tell yourself everyday as you're going throughout your day. Between sharing my life experiences and practical tools from my teachers, to actively participating in journaling and exercises, you will journey through your own conscious mind and get to know yourself. You will find YOUR UNIQUE TRUTH. You get to know your body better and listen to your heart. We break down fear walls and the voice of the ego so we can hear more clearly the Divine. You learn that You Are Worthy of love, relationships, money, creativity and so much more.

When you come you will:

  • be nourished by the highest quality food provided by a professional chef

  • give yourself the time you've been needing away from your busy life

  • learn about your TRUE identity and how to always find it and CONNECT to it

  • practice the tools we learn so you can apply them to real life situations when you are triggered or experiencing your patterns or stories

  • get to REALLY know your feelings

  • quiet your mind

  • experience your intuition and develop a relationship with it

  • meet women who are experiencing the same things you are

  • feel affirmed in the life you want going forward

This workshop is for you if:

  • you have tendencies toward anxiety and/or depression

  • Want to find the confidence to success in business and life

  • you are overwhelmed by work, a relationship, kids or life

  • want to reconnect with yourself and who you REALLY are

  • want a break from this chaotic world to be with women in a REAL, RAW environment

  • want connection

  • want to be seen and heard

  • want to connect more to your body and truth (aka your intuition)

  • you're craving sacred space

Cost of the workshop is $50. The next workshop will be announced soon! Join our mailing list to get the latest workshops and events from THE GATHERER.


Full Moon Gatherings

The Next Full Moon Gathering is June 28, 2018 at 6:30pm


It’s candles, sisterhood and intention. It's Sacred. it's Free.


My full moon gathering is a way to commune together and make room for what you desire in your life. It’s taking action to clear out the old and move forward with accountability and trust.

We can use the wisdom of the lunar cycle to create more health, abundance and joy in our lives through manifesting with the moon. 

The lunar cycle synchronizes with our biorhythms, emotional patterns, and women's menstrual cycles.

Through consciousness of how the moon cycles effect our well-being, we can learn how to work with the changing lunar energy to plan important work, events, and projects in our lives, as well as support our health, fertility and relationships.

It’s a sacred circle of sharing and love!


At a full moon gathering we:

  • bring a snack to share while we visit and unwind from the week

  • as the sun sets, we gather on my porch under the moon in a circle

  • we settle in by lighting a candle and quieting our bodies

  • we breathe and center, connecting to the energy of the moon

  • I guide you through a Full Moon Meditation that is specific for that month

  • we write, let go and reset

  • we commune and share in sacred space

This a free event for sisters living or visiting on Kauai.