break free | one - on - one coaching


help and guidance on how to achieve your goals


keeping you responsible and on track


experiencing personal growth and real change


Growing in any way is tough. Growing a business, growing a life, growing a spiritual practice…it takes work and dedication and more importantly support. As much as you want your bestie or partner to be your cheerleader, a coach and guide is going to provide the practical tools and tough love you need to get you to your dreams. Consistency and focus, while being held in a sacred container of safety and love, will propel you towards your goals in a way that feels aligned and freeing. My intuitive coaching is the perfect opportunity for you if you want to move away from your internal blocks and fears (because we all know trying something new is scary) and into a life that feels vibrant and deeply connected to yourself and your intuition.

Our focus will be gradual growth. We will take the time to develop a deep inner connection for you to use as an anchor point for all your decisions and breakthroughs. It’s common to lack trust in yourself and spiral into panic about whether you’re making the right decisions, but we will create the framework for you to feel confident and deeply trusting of yourself. We will get clear on how you want to feel everyday and where you might be holding yourself back.  Long term support is a fantastic tool for breakthrough and palpable shifts. Where are you feeling stuck and how can I help you break free?


we will have phone calls every other week, each one building on the last — four sessions total over eight total weeks.

also included in the coaching package is unlimited access to me through email and marco polo for the entire eight weeks.

phone sessions include introduction, facilitation, intuitive work, energy healing, and accountability of techniques and practices as applicable to each individual’s needs and desires.

week one — preparatory call discussing any of your struggles and needs. Then we talk about your dreams and where we are going! introduction of how to connect to your intuition and use it.

week two — reflection of how you are feeling and what you noticed about yourself. continued support and guidance for next steps in achieving your goals.

week three — bringing in spiritual practices and building a connection to your higher self, reframing your perspective and life purpose.

week four — implementation of practices and techniques in firm, tangible ways for you to continue to apply

if you have any questions, comments, or hesitations I would love to offer you a free 3o minute call to see if coaching is right for you!