Are you ready to take your life back? Are you done feeling trapped?

Are you ready to have everything your heart desires?

You can taste that you're on the verge of something big. Of a new spiritual awakening; living inspired, choosing intentionally and connected to your heart. You’ve tried all of the typical therapies and still feel unfulfilled. You’re waiting for your breakthrough.

Do you lie in bed at night spinning in your thoughts? The overwhelming feelings of not living up to your potential. Of not owning your life. You’re unfulfilled at work. Anxious about your relationship. The overwhelming spiral defeats you day after day, with sleepless nights and a physical presence of the stress. Tightness in your chest. Pain in your belly. Tension in your neck...

You’re craving something that is sustainable and provides REAL results. The therapy got you this far, but you're ready to come home to yourself. To feel comfortable in your own skin.

You’re ready to dive in and feel CONNECTION. Has your relationship to God and spirituality always been tied to religion? Without freedom or flexibility? Are you ready to experience your own truth? To feel the presence of the Divine and awakened to the fact that you are indeed a beautiful creation.

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You know there’s more to life than following the rules. Waking up, going to work, coming home, watching Netflix, and scrolling IG isn’t living a life.  It’s like you’re in this glass box looking out watching everyone else live freely. Everything you want is right in front of you but you can’t figure out how to get there.

The fear of judgement lurks around every corner. The thoughts replaying of “What will everyone think if I’m really ME?”  Will my parents approve of me? Will my friends stick around if I live out my dreams? Who will support me if I decide to leave this job?


I hear you.

I see you.

There is a different way. There is another path. I know, because I was where you were. I struggled day in and day out. I promise you there is another way. Let me hold you and give you space to expand and be seen. You are not broken, you ARE whole. And I can show you that.

I am here to show you how supported you are. To take you on the journey of awakening to your inner guidance and allow for your TRUTH to come forth. There is a world of support and vibrant energy out there and I’m here to take you on that journey.

Join the women who have told me they have learned more in one session with me than they have in YEARS of professional counseling.

It’s your birthright to have a life you love. You were sent here with special gifts, talents and dreams and they want to play out.

Here's the thing:

In order to have freedom you have to discover your inner compass. You have to connect to your intuition. You have to change your ways of navigating the world, and find YOUR truth.

You have to know your blind spots. Take a real look at whats not been working and why. Then, listen to what comes up. Be open and ready to take massive action. It may sound overwhelming, and most of the time we avoid what we don't want to see, but that's where I come in. With guidance it makes it very doable.

I can help you discover your power. I can get you centered again and capable of overcoming your fear and anxiety. I can provide clarity for your journey. You will have so much confidence to live your dreams because you’ll FEEL in alignment. You will know without a doubt what is for you.

It’s time to drop the facade of who you were and BE WHO ARE!

That craving for a vibrant, flowing way of being is here for your NOW.

Are you ready to truly know yourself? To feel grounded, secure and fulfilled?

It’s time to be done with the feelings of being stuck in a spiral of overthinking, procrastinating, and doubting yourself, your worth, your gifts and your purpose. Let’s take back your power! Let’s awaken the passion for a life that you’re craving! Let's create a life that you love, doing the things that you love, with the people you love all while being your TRUE self!

It’s your time to shine. Your old way of being isn’t working anymore and you’re ready to BREAK FREE!

In our session we will:

  • set intentions and get real clarity on how we can take your life to the next level

  • crystalize your current vision

  • navigate where you need help, and where you excel

  • prioritize your individual needs and tailor the experience for you

  • make you feel safe and ready to face new things without intimidation

  • get you grounded so you can feel more present and alive

  • give you structure and assignments to start living NOW

  • reawaken your faith

  • release control

  • strengthen your inner guidance system

  • become more mindful of what your body, mind and soul need

Are you ready to be seen and heard?

To have your life transformed so that you feel confident, passionate and in alignment with your true purpose.

This coaching program is for you if YOU:

- tend to be anxious or worried

- feel confused, overwhelmed and tired often

- are dissatisfied in your relationship/s, work life, and play

- feel disconnected from your body

- want to know your SOUL’S purpose

- are interested in spirituality but don’t know where to start

- are ready to own your life and live it on your own terms

- are ready to surrender to Divine guidance

- awaken parts of you that have been dormant for years

- want to identify your self sabotaging habits / stories and reprogram for success on all levels

- are ready to live in the FLOW of life

- are ready to live the life of your dreams

What do you get in the coaching package?

  • Four 60 minute sessions over phone call or Facetime with me

  • E-mail and Marco Polo

  • Assignments to do at home and practice so that you can tangibly experience the shifts and integrate the new way of being in a practical way

  • energy healing

  • psychic work from me

  • reconnection to your body’s wisdom

  • your life back

How it works?

Twice a month, bi-weekly, we will set up a phone call to meet. Each call will build on the previous call.

The first call will be our introductory, where we get clear on your biggest struggles and why you want to clear them. We will discuss your dreams and desires and begin taking action. We will bring in higher guidance and new spiritual ideas and concepts that you can integrate into your daily life.

By week two you will have seen some shifts.You’ll start to recognize more clearly your patterns. From there the journey will become uniquely organic to your needs. We will begin integrating spiritual practices and connection to your Higher Self. You will create a new way of looking at your life! Isn’t it exciting to know you have a purpose? That you're suppose to live FREELY!

Week 3 and 4 I will empower you to build a life you love and will continue to expand you into your greatest version of yourself. We will build you a stable ground to always come back to, so you feel confident in your body, mind and soul!

If you feel aligned and are ready to work together, please fill out an application below.

If I think we are a good match, I will set up a free 30 minute call where we can get to know each other and go over payment options.

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You are ready, I can feel it.

Let’s get started now.


Your investment:

One payment of $1200 USD

(or two payments of $625 USD)