Have you heard of trapped emotions?

We were having a conversation, my husband and I. My eyes heavy, blinking. Stare. Blink. Drifting. Stay awake. This conversation was important to me. He is so important to me. My body dragging me off into dreamland.

Once my head hit the fluff, I was out.

First there were scissors. Snip, cut, snip, snip, snip. Oh no, it was my daughters hair. We were chopping off her beautiful locks. Shorter, and shorter. Uneven. Terrible. I kept thinking, “we can fix this”. Here, grabbing the scissors and trying a new angle. Honing in on my inner master stylists. It kept getting worse.

Then it happened.

My mom saw. It happened so fast it took me off guard. SCREAMING. So furious she started vibrating. You know in horror movies how the ghosts mouths open so wide and their features begin to dissolve when they are trying to consume something. Like that.

She was blurry. Evil. Scary.

Somehow my conscious mantra came to mind. “This is HER story”.  “This is her story”, I kept whispering to myself. No matter how intense she got, I was able to stay. Not get sucked in. Pulled into her swirl of anger and manipulation. Her pain and fear ready to pull me into her vortex. I stayed. I didn’t bite the bate. I didn’t let her truth, eat my truth. I didn’t let her demon, be mine. I just needed to stay present…

I woke up sweating. Stuffy. Had I been crying? Had so much wind and intensity actually just happened?

My body was on fire.

I woke my husband.

“I just had the craziest dream.” I was feeling shaken.

I began reliving the nightmare. Telling him the details. Trying to grasp what this all could mean.

Then it dawned on me.  
I realized who my daughter was.

And why this had come up.


Your subconscious is powerful.

Your body holds stories way longer than your mind. My body was ready to release.

Earlier that day, I had began my morning with a root chakra meditation as part of a Challenge I am doing. (Sydney Liann’s Inside Out 7-Day Challenge).

Being familiar with chakras, I decided to do my own clearing and meditation on my root.

I started by going in and exploring my inner cavity. Images popped up, showing me what energy was stored there. I’ve been practicing inner exploration for some time and it never ceases to amaze me what comes up. How much is actually stored in my body as physical, emotional and mental energy in different, unexpected areas.

At the very bottom of my root, there was a organ shaped mass. Whether real, or formed in my imagination as an anecdote to what needed cleared, I begin removing the mass. Uprooting it’s heavy burden in my root and asking my subconscious what it was about.

My mother.

I prepared an energetic hole in the earth, to bury the mass. I watched as the energy was given back to the earth. The mass quickly absorbed into the soil and returned to the light. Ready to be used as new transformed energy.

I finished my meditation by filling the now hole in my own root with light. Preparing it to be more open and clear.

I stood up, grounded and ready for the day.

I didn’t have to remember the exact story of the mass. Why it was stored. What had happened.

But it never ceases to amaze me the memories my dreams bring me.

And how long they have been stored there…

It’s important we release these traumas. With support.

Trapped emotions are very real. Stories from our life will live on in our body forever if we don’t acknowledge them.

Are you interested in your trapped emotions?

My favorite way to work with clients is to remove old stories that are stored in their bodies so they can begin to feel more freedom. So that they can drop fear and worry and embrace confidence, ease and joy.

Set up an appointment with me either by phone or in person and we can explore your trapped emotions. We can find out what wants to come up and really clear it. Understand it . And let it GO!

Are you ready?